Friday, September 17, 2010

The Root of the Problem

Previously, I left the house before the Hoos and the girls got out of bed. And every day at 9 I would get a call from the Hoos, "Sigh...I am just leaving day care now." I felt so bad that he was so late getting into work. Especially because I knew that would mean he wouldn't head home until at least 6:30.

Once I had the opportunity to help get everyone up in the morning, I decided I was going to be proactive to keep everyone on schedule.

I get up first - at 6:40 - and get showered and dressed. I encourage the Hoos to get in the shower by 7:15 and wake up the girls at the same time. I get the girls up, dressed, and fed. Sometimes all of this is done before the Hoos even emerges from the bathroom.

Around 7:50 I leave the house to start my 15 minute, backroads-only, commute. The Hoos drops the girls off sometime thereafter - usually around 8:45 (I think).

Are you starting to see a clear picture emerging?

This morning was the worst. The Hoos had an 8:30 meeting and asked that I drop the girls off. Just about everything was the same as above. Which is to say, the Hoos was totally, and completely NOT HELPFUL. Not only did I do all the cajoling out of bed, dressing, feeding, tush wiping (AK pooped on the toilet - YAY!!) and shoe- (and shoo-) ing, but I also had to do drop off. To be fair (although not equal) the Hoos did help AK brush her teeth.

We all left the house at the same time at 8:15. I had to have teachers pry my children off of me. Do I feel bad about that part? No? Do I feel bad that I am the one getting up early and doing most of the legwork? Yes.

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Tiffany said...

The same thing happens in my house. I cannot make my hubby get out of bed before 7:30. It does not happen. I have to get up around 6 ot 6:30 shower, get dressed, get the girls up around 7am, get them fed and dressed and ready for the day. I can make sure Mikayla gets to school on time on my days but he is always running behind. Why on earth can he not get out of bed earlier?