Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Vibrations

Life is good. Work is busy. LP is back on her feet, AK continues to be a devilish imp.

Some silly stuff:
  • LP calls AK "bella." As in "Do you need help with that, bella?" The Hoos thought she was saying brother, but apparently someone she has encountered uses Italian for beautiful as a term of endearment. Very sweet.
  • AK is a pincher. My cute little monkey likes to squeeze. And it hurts. And LP is often the target of her pinches. And she won't defend herself, instead she just cries out and takes it. We are working on teaching her some self-defense techniques.
  • LP likes the cold side of the pillow. She told me so this morning. I think this might come from her Papa. Then again, who doesn't like the cold side of the pillow?
  • We are going to Disneyworld! In the Spring. Which is a long time away. Not that the girls care. LP has already come up with her plan, "I am going to wake up in the morning and go outside in my pajamas and see if Ariel has feet." AK likes to March in place and tell people "Mickey Mouse." She is confusing the month of March with the verb of march. Adorable.
  • AK has had a month long scratch on the bridge of her nose. Just when we think it is healing she scratches the scab off again. We are lucky it hasn't gotten infected and try to put bandages on it while she sleeps since I think that is when she most often plucks at it. She refuses to wear a band-aid during the day but at least let's me put Neosporin on it. Ideas?
  • I got myself a BlackBerry. Still only have a limited idea of how to use it, but I think I like the concept. My plan is to not learn how to use it so I don't become addicted. So far this seems to be working.


Mindy said...

As for the young one beating up on the old one, story of my life...it doesnt get better. As for the scab go to the store and get some liquid bandage, like a paintbrush you put a small amount over the cut. Works great and small brush so you wont get it in her eyes. Dries super fast. Hope it helps

Anonymous said...

yes, it does get better!They grow up and have kids just like them...
and you know the rest! gg

Wenderina said...

I like Mindy's liquid bandage idea, but I was thinking more like Disney characters (since she is so into the Mickey Mouse "March".

And as for the blackberry - you know you will be addicted in no time. It's a sickness, really.