Monday, December 10, 2007


Now that we are out in the open about expecting baby #2, another common question:

"So do you want a boy or a girl?"

Followed shortly by "I bet you want a boy, because you already have a girl."

Again, people, not really an appropriate question. While it doesn't rub me the wrong way as much as the "planned" question, it still gets my hackles up. I mean, honestly, who really wants to answer this question?

If you say "Sure, it would be nice to have one of each" and then another child of the same gender arrives, people will either do the really wonderful thing of reminding you and asking "Are you disappointed?" or just talk behind your back amongst themselves, "She must be so disappointed, she really wanted a boy." Just the sort of way you want to welcome your wonderful, beautiful, healthy new child into the world.

If you say you want another of the same they look at you like you are nuts for not wanting the full breadth of child rearing experience (but I already have all the clothes!).

LP is perfect. I have no complaints about my daughter and while no two kids are alike, I would have no problem introducing another girl into our family. If we have a boy I will be just as thrilled. I have no experience with little boys (I have really great nephews, but wouldn't consider myself an expert in dealing with males), but I didn't have experience with any newborns until LP came along, so a little more trial and error and getting peed on won't kill me.

Thanks goodness we have agreed not to find out the gender until birth. That way I won't have to deal with people asking if I am happy (because I have so much control over it) for the next 5 months of my life.


Tiffany said...

We were asked that many times and personally we both kinda wanted another girl. But at the same time if it were a boy we would be just as happy.

We tried to wait to find out what this one was going to be until she was born but as you can tell we gave up and about a week before the 20 week ultrasound we deceided to find out. Parents who wait to find out until birth are very strong!!

A's Mom said...

I agree with the "already having the girl clothes" comment. That's actually what I'm thinking of it we decide to have another one. It would be "easier" (not that any part of raising a child is easy) if we have another boy because I already know what to do. But God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

Wenderina said...

damn. Is it the hormones or are people really that annoying to you. All I can do is offer you a little tip...if it's a boy, they sell these ridiculous little tee-pees to put over his little penis to ensure no sudden sprays. I looked at that and was like, "what, a cloth or diaper can't work as well?" Crazy.

GreenStyleMom said...

Now that question is more annoying to me than any others. I HATED it when I was pg with #2 and people would ask me if I wished it was a boy so I would have one of each. Worse yet, when I said I sorta wanted another girl, some would actually tell me that I *should* want a boy so I would have the "perfect" family. Ugh! Sometimes I sorta wish Jack had been a girl so that I could avoid those comments. Now you have me all riled up! :)

KiKi said...

What a silly question. One of my friends has two daughters and is expecting again - people keep asking her will she try again if it's another girl. They also say, I hope Hubby gets his boy. Go figure.

Ellyn said...

Ugh! People seem to be no more sensitive to me as a first timer. When asked if we're happy that the Kernel is a boy, we say we're happy that we're having (so far) a healthy baby! Also, b/c of the pedning home addition, we've been asked MANY times if he was an the age of 31, 5 years married in an amazing relationship, and having great jobs, does this sound like an "oops?"
We're so excited for all of the new members of our families to be together soon!
Love, LN