Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Not Gonna Lie

I am glad Christmas is over. Don't get me wrong, it was very nice to have four days off to spend with the Hoos and LP, but really the few days around Christmas are such a waste. We couldn't really leave the house for most of the time.

Saturday, the roads were a zoo, with lots of people running out to do their last minute shopping. In actuality, the drivers probably seemed tame in comparison to all of the crazies in the grocery store. I ended up going grocery shopping around dinner time, in the hopes that people would be home eating instead of zooming around the aisles trying to remember what they need for the perfect Christmas dinner. My plan didn't really work as it still took me a while. Unfortunately, with the stores closing early Monday for Christmas Eve and remaining closed through Tuesday it was necessary for me to get my grocery shopping in.

Sunday, the weather was lousy. It was cold and rainy and windy later in the day. I think only the Hoos left the house, and that was to go and get fish for our new fish tank. Let me officially welcome Fred and Wilma to the family. LP loves them. She wants to feed them constantly. She pushes the Hoos and I over to the shelves that hold the fish food every 10 minutes in hopes we will give in and let her feed them again. Anyway, we didn't really want to leave the house anyway.

Monday the weather was better. We wanted to be sure that we all got some fresh air, and although it was too cold to take LP for a walk, we spent a good half hour running around the yard. We also put up our new bird feeder and went out as a family to buy bird seed to fill it. Fortunately the Wild Bird Center is less than a mile from our home. And since we were cooped up the day before everyone was itching for an excursion. Otherwise, we would have skipped buying the food.

Tuesday the weather was clear and cold, but there was no where to go. Literally, everything was closed. I don't begrudge the stores, it is nice that they want their employees home with their families, really. We only left the house to run around the yard for a while. With nothing on TV (I actually watched the local news on News 12 cycle through twice at one point) - can someone explain the channel that only plays the burning log? who watches that? - we were left up to our own devices for entertainment. Fortunately, LP is very entertaining. I also helped the Hoos seat the top of his kayak to the bottom while LP napped. Now I can say that I am helping him to build a kayak - aren't you impressed?

When do you think it will be safe to leave the house again? When will the stores be less hectic, the crazy people sedated and the parking lots less hazardous?


A's Mom said...

Probably not until after the second week of January! You know all those people out there trying to get their hands on the 50% OFF Christmas crap. Have a great new year!

Stephanie said...

I don't know when things will slow down but I can tell you that, while I am a huge sucker for a sale, I will NOT be among the crazy folk checking out the after-Christmas sales!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoy yours. I am particularly intrigued by the Working Moms Against Guilt deal. Four kids... I gotta have a job! But I also really enjoy my job and NEED the adult interaction. I think it makes me a better Mommy by far. :)

Wenderina said...

Just so you know, I'm one of those people who celebrate Christmas, but I'm still so glad when it is all over. Even though our Christmas was pretty quiet this year, all the business and stress leading up to it is definitely something I like to get behind me. I'm living for January 7th - holidays over, 2nd weekend of school for the semester over, and a nice luxurious month of no holidays to enjoy.

KiKi said...

I left work late today thinking - ah, no traffic. YEAH RIGHT. I got stuck in it everywhere I went. And the stores were STILL packed. Ah, the seasonal rush. Guess it ain't over yet...

Adam said...

You need Direct TV, there was a christmas cartoon marathon for the kids (Smurfs, Pac-Man, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, Jetsons all with christmas specials). Kids loved it. Didn't you have anything Tivo'd to watch?