Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Festival of Lights

Last night was the first night of Chanukah. It was LP's second Chanukah, but considering she was only 6 months old that last time around, this will really be the first one she can kind of, sort of, almost remember. Last year I am not even sure we bought her any presents (that is not to say she didn't get any, all of her grandparents made sure she was well taken care of in that department).

While Chanukah is not a major holiday, any holiday is a good excuse to gather with your family, eat and share some love, so I am all in support of that. The three of us lit the menorahs, sang the requisite prayers (LP chimes in by saying 'Amen', it is very cute) and a few boisterous songs and exchanged gifts.

I was absolutely thrilled that LP was intrigued by the electric menorah that we put in the window (the real one stays far away from curtains). I was concerned that she might be disinterested in the menorah compared to the gajillion Christmas lights our across-the-street-neighbor has on his house. Seriously. Because their home in a corner he felt the need to decorate not just the front, but both sides as well - and the roof - and the trees - and the shrubs running the perimeter of the property. Actually, it is really quite nice that they are so excited about the holiday and decorated their home. I appreciate their enthusiasm, and I know that LP certainly enjoys the lights. However, I do not envy their electric bill.


Anonymous said...

Happy Chanukah! I hope that you enjoy your holiday!

I always wonder about those people's electric bills to! Ha!

A's Mom said...

Tis the season to run up your electric bill and ruin the environment with a little more gases!