Monday, March 19, 2012

Things I Never Want to Forget: Early 2012 Edition

  • The way the girls calls the remote control the "comote"
  • LP frequently telling us, "You are the best mom I ever had. Even if you are the only mom I will ever have."
  • How AK would be the first one up, get herself dressed, go to the bathroom, make her bed, and go downstairs and get a bowl of fruit loops "with no milk!" and watch TV on the couch by herself on weekend mornings.
  •  AK hugging her "big sista" and both of them agreeing, "I love my sister very much!"
  • The huge grin on LP's face when she gets off the bus in the afternoon and sees me.
  • AK's joy and huge running jump hug when I pick her up from day care.
  • Listening to LP sing prayers and songs she learned in Hebrew school.
  • Watching AK crawl into bed with the Hoos on weekday mornings and curl up against him.
  • Swimming with my babies on Tuesday afternoons and watching them get more comfortable in the water.
  • The outfits that AK and LP pick out for themselves and how LP does the "is this too kooky?" test.
  • Hearing LP talk about her 96-year old Auntie Anne and her G.G. and poppy (my grandparents) and watching her spontaneously decide to write them letters, "Thank you for the money. It was wonderful. I love you and miss you."
  • Seeing AK learn to write and how she writes "Mom." "[LP]," "[AK], and the Hoos' first name, telling me "dad" is spelled "A. A. R. O. N."  
  • Arbitrating between the girls when LP wants to watch her favorite shows on NatGeoWild, like "Dog Whisperer" and AK wants to watch Nick Jr. 
  • Looking out into the yard and seeing the Hoos and the girls and their cousins laughing and having a good time as they pull sunnies out of the creek.
I am only scratching the surface; and, despite the fact that the whole point of this blog was to write stuff down so I didn't forget, I still find myself starting to forget the little things that aren't so blogable. 

What are some things you want to write down so you don't forget?

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A's Mom said...

I used to keep a small calendar for "daily milestones". It was nice to go back and see what little things happened with each boy.