Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Ramifications of Lighter Later

For most, springing the clock ahead for daylight savings time is celebrated. Yay! The sun will stay out later in the evening!

We focus on this to get us through the horrific morning wake-ups in the days immediately following the physical moving of the clock hands (or pressing of the button on the digital clock). And, if we are honest, we acknowledge that it is not just our kids that want that extra hour of sleep. We do to. Or at least I do, because I have been dragging my pale, saggy tush out of bed verrrry slowly these past few days.

However, my family has been encountering the downside of the sun staying in the sky. Namely, we eat dinner later. There are a few contributing factors>
  1. The Hoos comes home later, because he is used to using the sun as a guide for when to leave work - or at least glance at his office clock.
  2. The girls wants to stay outside and play later. 
  3. I want to stay outside and play later.
  4. The weather is fantastic. It was a pleasant coincidence that the time change was accompanied by gorgeous spring weather, but this does not help.
Last night the Hoos got home close to 7. I had not done ANYTHING to prepare for dinner, save noting that I had some hamburgers in the meat drawer of the fridge.  We put away the toys scattered across the driveway (this is after we had already spent an hour or so at the playground) and rushed inside. The Hoos lit the grill, I put some tater tots in the over and then we ran around like crazy people.

Well, at least the Hoos and I did. The girls went into the family room while LP tried to teach AK to read, "Now we need to practice. What does this say?"

When we finished eating at 7:45, the Hoos still had his work clothes on (although he had removed his tie), there was ketchup smeared across AK's face and it was time for the girls to head upstairs for their shower.


It will just stay lighter even later in the coming weeks and months!

Oh, great Internet, please give me the answers for making it all come together at a reasonable time.

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A's Mom said...

I completely agree. Our entire household has been messed up since DST started. I've even noticed the boys aren't as hungry at dinner time because well, it doesn't feel like dinner time. I'm sure it will all come to make sense by the end of the summer.