Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding My Religion

The Hoos and I are both Jewish. The fact that we are Jewish isn't really a big deal to us. Do we appreciate that we have the same religious background? Absolutely. Are we open about and comfortable with the fact that we are Jewish? Yes. Are we the most religious people we know? Not by a long shot.

However, LP and AK have many different influences when it comes to religion. From our families and friends (both Jewish and non-Jewish) to society at large.

For instance, around Thanksgiving our local Trade Joe's asked kids to decorate paper turkeys by writing something they were thankful for. LP colored away while we waited to check out. And what did her turkey say? "I am thankful for celebrating Chanukah."

And recently she has taken to loudly singing Chanukah songs when we are out and about. I am not at all embarrassed about it, but I can't say that I would walk around in March singing "Rock of Ages" - in Hebrew no less. Then again, I guess some people sing Christmas carols whenever the mood strikes them.

And then, today, when the girls saw packages on our front porch, I told them they were mishloach manot - treat boxes that people give to each other for the Jewish holiday of Purim. As LP ripped into hers, she called out, "Mom, I am so happy that we are Jewish right now."

Okay, so for her a lot of the "Jewish" triggers are around food, treats and presents. But that is for now. I am really happy that she is comfortable with and proud of who she is.

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