Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Follow the Logic

"Mom, did it hurt when they took me and [AK] out of your belly?"

"I don't remember, all I remember was that I was so excited to meet you."

"I don't want to have kids when I grow up. I like it peaceful."


"Yeah, like I don't really like people sitting with me."

"Sitting with you?"

"You know...on the bus."

"You like to sit alone on the bus? When people sit with you, are they loud?"

"Really loud. And they talk to me."

"What do they talk to you about?"

"This and that and whatever, and stuff I don't understand."

Okay, so not like I am angling for grandchildren yet, since LP is all of ALMOST 6, but I am not sure if I should:
  1. Feel sad that she doesn't want people to sit with her on the bus. I don't think there have been any issues, but I don't ride the bus with her.
  2. Pleased that she understands the concept of peaceful and perhaps will make our lives more peaceful (yay! fewer tantrums!) 
  3. Concerned that she equates children with lack of peace. Although, I guess this is true since she went on to say, "[AK] is not peaceful. She is loud."

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