Thursday, April 7, 2011

Never Be Lonely Again

When I got pregnant with AK we used to joke that it was because I wanted someone to snuggle with. LP was not quite two and she was temporarily done with cuddling. Babies have no choice but to share the warmth, and who doesn't love the feeling of an adorable, wonderful little munchkin sleeping on your chest and breathing baby breath into your face?

Apparently, my love of togetherness rubbed off on AK. Because she is up my butt - all. the. time.

For example, yesterday.

About 20 seconds after my alarm went off, LP was bright and shiny and at my bedside. I certainly prefer when she gets out of bed on her own with minimal whining and crying, so I will not complain about that. Or the fact that she climbed in bed and spooned with me.

However, when I told her I had to get up and she should stay in bed and cuddle with the Hoos, she indicated she had other plans and followed me into the bathroom. This still wasn't horrible, although it definitely makes me self-conscious to have an audience in the toilet.

The fun began as I stepped into the shower and LP ran out of the bathroom, telling me, "I am going to wake up AK so she can shower with you!" And she was gone.

Next thing I know there is a knock on the shower door and a bleary eyed, naked AK is standing there with her arms outstretched.

So I got to shower with an audience and a friend.


Our next house will totally have a better lock on the bathroom door.

PS - The other day, the Hoos was in the bathroom and LP actually KNOCKED on the door and asked if she could come in. He responded in the negative, she accepted his answer and walked away. How come no one asks me if I want privacy or listens when I talk?


Robyn said...

LOL! Because "mommy" and "privacy" are mutually exclusive! My favorite is when Bear tells me that HE wants privacy in the bathroom.

Tiffany said...

I so hear you!!! The girls know not to bother dad when he is in the shower or the bathroom - but me - they feel free to walk right in. I have gotten better at stopping them.

My youngest Lily is my cuddler and boy do I love it! If she wakes up first she crawls into our bed and if I am already up we cuddle on the couch. Then we just cuddle whenever we can =)