Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I Hate About You

Well, not you personally...And while I don't USUALLY like to complain (at least not out loud, in public or on this blog), sometimes you just have to let it out.
  1. Folding undershirts. Man, do I hate folding undershirts. Maybe because there are so many of them (each of my lovely daughters wears one a day and the Hoos wears two!). Whatever the reason - HATE IT.
  2. Cleaning plastic reuseable containers. I like reusing, reducing and recycling. I really do. I think it is important. But my girls go to school with three reuseable containers each per day (that adds up to 30 containers a week!!!). Since I have plenty of plastic containers, but not plenty of the size that fit in their lunch boxes, I am constantly washing them. HATE IT.
  3. McDonald's on the Highway. I drove to Providence the other morning and left my house before 6 am for the two hour drive. Since I wasn't up to eating at 6, I stopped at a drive-thru McDonald's on 95 about an hour into the trip. Instead of the $3.81 I used to pay for a sweet tea and an Egg McMuffin before I started my no sugar, no flour diet, I was floored when the requested $5.83. Apparently 99 cent Sweet Tea costs $1.44 more when it is made on I-95. And in case you were wondering, no, diets do not count when traveling.
  4. My scale. Okay, I am three plus months into the aforementioned diet. I believe I have lost a grand total of 5 pounds. WTF?! And, apparently I have lost all of that weight in my face. Double WTF?!
What are you hating on these days? Aside from the weather. Because Lord knows we can always complain about that!

Cuteness to counteract the negative

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