Friday, April 8, 2011

Not Enough Time in the Day

Even with co-showering, apparently there is just not enough mommy-time in AK's day.

Last night at 2:40, an adorable pajama-clad munchkin appeared at my bedside declaring, "Mommy, I wantchu to sleep with me."

As I returned her to her bed, I grabbed a baby blanket for myself and curled up next to her. As I practically fell asleep, she just stared at me.

After 10 minutes I told her I was returning to bed.

At 3:15 she showed up again, "Mommy, you forgotchu blanket," and handed me the abandoned baby blanket. I thanked her and sent her back to bed.

At 3:35 she returned, crying this time. "Mommy! I! WANT! YOU! TO! SLEEP! WITH! ME!"

I tried to get the Hoos to deal with her, but we both knew it wasn't going to work. First, because he wasn't moving very quickly to react and, more importantly, because she was crying Mommy and not Daddy.

Once again, I returned to her bed. With my baby blanket. After 10 minutes of being stared at, I told her I was going back to check on Daddy and asked if I should take my blanket or if she wanted to snuggle with it.

"You take it, Mommy. G'night."

Sigh...long day ahead.

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A's Mom said...

All that set aside, your daughter sounds adorable. When she let's you sleep preferably. :)