Monday, April 11, 2011

Chiming In

AK is on a roll. The kid never stop talking. For serious.

At my in-law's house a few weeks ago:

"Mommy, we are in the church."

"No, baby, this is the PORCH." Close.

Last night as I tried to get her to go to bed.

"Mommy, Max doesn't have a mommy."

Me, trying to figure out which Max she is talking about, "Who? What?"

"Ruby isn't his mommy. Ruby is his sister. Where his Mommy?"

I do recall some sort of Internet Mom Quiz asking this same question. I still don't know the answer, but at least I know who Max and Ruby are.

This weekend at the "haircutter" for her first haircut:

"Mommy, there are four 'S's' up there!" As she pointed to the name of the salon, Scissors, engraved in the window.

And then there is LP.

Who popped right out of bed this morning, exclaiming, "Mommy! I am so excited!"

Did we have a party? An exciting adventure planned? A special snack in her lunch?

No. We were going to the dentist.

Seriously, my kid loves going to the dentist. Hopefully her little sister will love it too since I made the next appointment for both of them.

LP also rocked it at soccer this weekend.

She hasn't played since last spring and at first she was reluctant to go on the field. But once she warmed up? You couldn't stop her. She played the entire second half without a break and is really shaping up to be one of her team's star players (which isn't saying much). It is a HUGE difference from last year when she would stop midfield and hold conversations with her friends or just walk off the field in need of a snack.

Yup, my babies are growing up!

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