Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slamming Doors

It has been almost two years since the Hoos locked himself and the girls out of the house. I, fortunately, managed to evade this fate by always making sure the door was unlocked if I was just doing something quickly in the yard or making sure I had my keys on my person at all times.

Until yesterday.

Last night the girls decided they wanted steak for dinner. Since I am always on a quest to get LP to eat more protein, I accepted the challenge and we stopped at Stew's between the playground and our house to pick some up.

I lit the grill as we hustled into the house. We discovered that the post office had delivered a box and LP and AK determined to open it while I prepped the steaks and got them on the BBQ. With the meat on a plate, I unlocked the back door and slipped outside.

Shortly thereafter LP joined me to show off the mask that had arrived in the shalach manot gift. I complimented her appropriately and she shut the door and returned into the house to play with AK. Which was cool, until I wanted to get inside. SHE HAD LOCKED THE DOOR.

I know she didn't lock it on purpose. It is a habit of hers to lock the door, since she is usually the last one in the house when we get home from school. I know it is a good thing that she is so security conscious and smart. Except it meant I was LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE.

I pounded on the back door and yelled to no avail. Eventually I went around to the front of the house, "LP! Open the door!"

"I can't!" she responded (the front door has a tricky lock).


She did and let me it, apologizing profusely that she didn't mean to lock it and that she hadn't heard me pounding. Fair enough.

Later that night I called our neighbor to see if I could borrow two eggs. As I ran out the door to meet her in the middle of the street, I heard the girls yelling from our door that they wanted to come and I insisted I would only be a second.

The lovely Kimmy met me in the middle of the street and quickly pointed behind me.

There was AK, barefoot, running across the street. Without looking. Of course.

Fortunately it was 8pm and there were no cars, but I could have killed her.

Lesson of the day: 1. Always carry keys and 2. lock every door behind you.

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Billie said...

A couple of weeks ago when the kids were being dropped off for an overnighter, I told Piero that the house was open and he could go up immediately to use the bathroom. He did... and for some stupid a** reason he decided to put the chain on the door. So when we came up with their stuff, the chain was on the door, he was inside and we were not. Piero couldn't undo the chain because it had somehow gotten jammed when he put it on. It was not one of my better moments. Eduardo did a much better job of dealing with the situation than I did and eventually managed to get Piero to unjam the chain and open the door. Kids!