Monday, March 14, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Shoes

As the Hoos and I prepare to move, I think back fondly on the last move that we did ourselves without the help of paid movers. It was also the last time the Hoos' brothers lived in the same state as us (which will change this summer! woo-hoo!). We conned them into helping us move from one end of North Arlington, VA to the other and they were amazed - I mean downright dumbfounded - by the number of shoes I owned. I haven't counted lately, but I figure I must own about 40 pairs - is that a lot?

Anyway, while I don't know where most of my readers live, I do know that most of them love shoes. I mean who doesn't?

Which brings me to an email I received today:

Famous Footwear is opening up a new store in North Haven Pavilion this Saturday, March 19. Shoppers can download an exclusive discount coupon to bring with them to the Grand Opening Event online at The first 100 shoppers to present this coupon in the store will also receive a handbag that’s stuffed with fun goodies. There will also be tons of fun activities on-site, for moms and kids alike, and multiple chances to win prizes - including FREE SHOES!

North Haven Pavilion – 210 Universal Drive, North Haven, CT 06473, 10:00am – 4:00pm.

If you go, please do not feel the need to buy me shoes. I don't even know how I am going to move the 40 I already own. (Just kidding! A girl can always use more shoes!)

And, let me know how many pairs of shoes you own. I didn't think I had a problem but now I am starting to wonder...


A's Mom said...

Since I'm only (ha, only!) a SAHM I have maybe 15 pairs, but that's soon to change. I'm buying me another pair o sneakers. Last one's I purchased was back in October 2008 (not including my running sneakers).

nallman said...

Oh dear. I have a robust set of summer shoes (including an unhealthy number of flip flops) and a more modest winter set. 40 ain't nothing girl!

Funny thing is IA is obsessed(!) with shoes already. I cant take her to Target without getting conned into another pair.