Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitty Cats or Snuggle Bunnies?

One of LP's and AK's favorite and most frequent activities is to pretend to be kittens or puppies. About 75% of the time someone is either barking or meowing in our house.

Yesterday as I was cleaning out and preparing to FreeCycle a whole bunch of stuff, they decided to use a cradle bumper to make a cat bed.

I could live without being called "mommy Kitty" and being forced to carry one or the other of them on my back as I crawl around the house. I would also prefer LP not tell me that she is "zero years old and still needs to drink Mommy Kitty's milk" necessitating that she crawl under me and pretend to nurse...but I sure to love to see them huddled together.

1 comment:

Wenderina said...

Is it just the angle or has AK grown like 6 inches! She looks as big as LP!!