Monday, February 28, 2011

Designed to Sell (Out)

We are working on getting our house on the market. This sucks for many reasons. Despite the fact that I think we have an adorable house with lots of lovable, wonderful features, it still needs some shine. So, in addition to taking a huge hit, we also have to make our home even more appealing to prospective buyers (cue the $$$):
  • Yesterday the yellow laminate counters and (actually very nice stainless) sink came out. Today the granite goes in.
  • I spent an hour wandering around Kohl's seeking out the perfect 'bed in a bag' to make my bedroom look more like "a master". The result - my bedroom is still small - but now there are throw pillows on the bed that coordinate with the valances I bought last week! Doesn't it seem more luxurious already?
  • Pan to Bed, Bath and Beyond several hours later. There I am buying a bed in the bag for LP's room. She really only needed a bed skirt to hide mask distract from the fact that she doesn't have a "real bed" - just a frame, but when you are spending $20 for a skirt, why not pitch in a little more to make the room even more girly. And it will save me from buying this stuff once LP moves into her next room. Of course the set included throw pillows.
  • Today I will spend my lunch at TJ Maxx trying to find a bed skirt - or bed in a bag - and throw pillows for the little munchkin. Otherwise she will look like the only one in our house sleeping on just a bed frame. And who would want to buy a house haunted by that?
My shopping raises a question - WHAT IS UP WITH THROW PILLOWS?! From my perspective, they are useless not at all practical. Do people actually lay on them? In my (all be it short) experience, they are thrown to the floor (or for the first few nights gently removed to the dresser) so people can actually sleep in the bed. Am I missing something?


Adam said...

I seem to remember using them to throw at you.

A's Mom said...

I agree. I have 6 large ones at that which our currently taking up residence under our bed.