Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

This morning I had LP's parent-teacher conference. I am so proud of her. She is doing so well with her reading and writing. She is really leaps and bounds ahead of where she was even a few months ago (e.g., she uses vowels in words when she writes now).

It is hard for me to believe that in two months LP will be done with kindergarten. It honestly seems like the Hoos and I were visiting day care centers for our "Bump" only last week. And it was yesterday when I attended kindergarten orientation with her, right?

The good news is that as much as things change, a lot stays the same too. For instance, the teacher told me that LP is a very rules oriented kid. Some days she will tattle share information with the teacher more than a half dozen times before morning snack.

This is classic LP.

At day care if her job was "book collector" she would literally rip the books out of other kids' hands when the teacher said it was time to clean up.

Oddly enough, at home she is often less likely to rat her sister out. Sometimes she does just the opposite. If AK does something wrong - often at the detriment of LP - and gets admonished, LP explains away her transgression, "It's okay, AK. You can have it," she soothes, shooting me a look.

Ah, sisters. Ganging up on dear old mom already.