Monday, April 2, 2012

Another Day, Another Party

This weekend we celebrated my eldest nephew's bar mitzvah. Our entire family was looking forward to this for a long time - especially LP and AK.
  1. They love to dress up - and we had a great time picking out their dresses a few weekends ago (H&M has an adorable, wallet-friendly kids line)
  2. They love spending time with their cousins - big and small.
  3. The love hanging with the big kids - and a DJ dance party is the best way to do it (but of course)
  4. They love free stuff - especially when it involves light sticks, sunglasses, fancy hats and pretty much anything shiny.
In addition to the fabulous party, my nephew did an awesome job reading from the Torah - as did his uncles (including the Hoos) and cousins.

The weekend also gave LP the opportunity to explain to her baby sister what a disco ball is.

They also demonstrated for us the difference between synagogue dress up wear (see top picture with aforementioned adorable H&M dresses) and party dress up wear. Note in the second picture we are on our way to the party portion and they each added headgear, bike shorts (LP explained this was in case their dresses "flied up") and socks pulled up to their knees.I am not exactly sure where they learned that some vents require head wear - perhaps from watching the Royal wedding?

It was a late night on Saturday and a long weekend overall. When we got home Saturday night at a quarter to 11, both ladies had fallen asleep in the car. Of course, they both woke up, but just to tell us which pajamas they wanted to wear. Apparently divas never sleep in anything less than their finery. 

Sunday morning AK was not content to let the party mystique disappear and she layered on all of her party wear - including home made arm warmers (fashioned from LP's tattered stockings from the day before), cowboy hat, paw gloves, and various necklaces. 
Obviously the next family party can't come soon enough. The good news is that we don't have to wait too long - the Passover Seders start Friday night and a family bat mitzvah is already on tap for May. I am going to start sleeping extra now.

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