Thursday, May 26, 2011

What a Crack Up

Last night as I was putting AK to bed, I noticed she had a quilt laid out on the floor, "I sleep here," she told me.

"Fine, as long as you sleep," I said, closing the door.

A few minutes later I heard some banging and went in to check on her. I found her arranging herself and her stuff on the quilt. She had grabbed a mini-pillow and a cuddly friend from her bed and the banging was a result of her grabbing a blanket from her dresser.

She looked at me, didn't say a word and returned to assembling her bed.

When I went back downstairs, I told the Hoos not to be surprised if AK was sleeping on the floor.

"I bet she isn't sleeping," he responded.

Around 9:45 our suspicions were confirmed by some additional banging.

When I went upstairs, I found AK trying to stuff the blankets back into her dresser. Apparently she was ready to return to bed.

I also noticed that she seemed to have more and different clothes on then when I had last left her.

"AK, it is too hot for a sweatshirt." Again, she didn't say a word, just stuck her arms in the air so I could remove it. She then curled up on her pillow and closed her eyes.

When I went in at 10:15 she was sound asleep and I was able to remove the leggings she had also put on.

That kid cracks me up. Simultaneously hard to believe she is only three and almost three.


Tiffany said...

This sounds a lit like my 3 year old!

Adam said...

Just wait, your nieces have slept in closets, on the floor, on the couch, in a tent made of sheets in the living room, etc. Whatever it takes to get them to go to sleep without a fight.