Friday, May 6, 2011

Hello, Ma?!

How has it possible been two weeks since I blogged?

It is entirely possible that the time flew by because I have nothing exciting that I want to blog about. Not to say life is not exciting, because it is. In fact, life is really crazy in a lot of different ways, but that doesn't mean I want to blog about it.

Mostly it means I just want to talk to my mother about it.

Fortunately, I talk to my mother almost every single day. I realize that for many of you this sounds insane. To others it just makes me really darn lucky.

While I am likely at least a little bit of both, in this case I am actually really lucky.

Are there times when we drive each other nuts? Sure. Will she tell you about what an awful tantrum-throwing toddler I was? You don't have to ask her twice. She may even throw in a bit about the positive sunshine I radiated as a teenager (is the sarcasm thick enough on this one?).

But at the end of the day, we still have a great relationship. And I now have not just one, but two little girls aka payback. The good news is we know we will all make it out just fine.

Thanks, Mom! And Happy Mother's Day!

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nallman said...

Happy Mother's Day AB!