Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little of This, Little of That

A couple of times a week I park next to the same car in my office parking lot. It is a later model sedan, but that is not what stands out. What stands out is the seat covers. Every seat in the car is covered in what looks like t-shirt material with a picture of Snoopy and the statement "I Don't Have a Girlfriend, but I Have My Dog" or something to that effect. I swear. If you went on a date and someone picked you up in a car with those car seats, what would you think? My guess is that the owner has chosen the path of celibacy.

Today I even brought in my digital camera to take a photo for posting to the blog (yes, I am that mean, and no, I have no idea who the car belongs to). Unfortunately, even after several trips to the parking lot to locate the car, it appears the guy has taken the day off. Bummer.

Since there is no photo to accompany that part of my post, here are some new photos of LP. Yes, it is true, she gets cuter every second. She put the sunhat on her own head while getting ready for school yesterday.


A's Mom said...

Atleast she knows that she should have something on her head when going outside. Mine rips if off as soon as he sees it coming. Too cute though!

KiKi said...

AWWWW... how cute!
LP, not the car.

Tiffany said...

I have probablly said this before but what a little cutie!!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet photos! So beautiful... I'm looking forward to the photos of the pathetic guy's car when you get them. Seriously, is it any wonder that he doesn't have a girlfriend?

Shari said...

She's so stinking cute... Just like her mama.