Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I Got Nothing

As the sole author of this blog, I have certain ground rules for myself:
  1. Nothing too personal. People I know and people I don't know read this.
  2. Minimize the cutesy. LP is cute, that doesn't count. But I am not big on animation, or picking up silly things from around the web or chain letters. Sure, I go with it every once in a while, but looking back, my link to The Onion child care thing was just dopey (IMHO).
  3. Keep it positive. I can be catty, but who wants to read a pissy rant about nothing? Besides, I will eventually get over whatever is bugging me.
Today I am breaking rule numero tres. For some reason, I am stuck in Negative-ville. Maybe it is because I had class last night and it seemed like an absolute waste. Or because I ate so much random crap yesterday that I went to bed with a belly ache and while there is no more physical ick, the mental ick is sticking around. Or maybe it is because it was pouring raining all night long and who wants to get out from under the covers on a dreary day? Whatever it is, today is a blah blah blog day.

I don't even have any super cute pictures of LP to post since I saved them all to our home computer and I am at work.


Shari said...

You know, it's okay... get the blahs out... You'll feel better.

And thanks for the sweet words about Crazy Man... He is so big now, isn't he? Unbelievably.

Anonymous said...

We all have our days. It's hard to get out of negativeville somedays. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Wenderina said...

Wasn't our lunch even a high point? Oh well...when you've got the blahs there isn't any real cure except time.