Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lessons in Being a Girl

Today I am wearing a skirt and stockings. This is a relatively momentous occasion. Every few months or so I get tired of wearing the same thing week after week and throw on a more girly outfit to mix it up.

As I pulled on the stockings, trying to take special care not to catch them on my really dry hands, I noticed that this particular pair of pantyhose has something akin to built-in panties. I hadn't noticed before because, well, I typically just buy whatever pair of hose is on sale. This got me thinking - are there women out there that wear stockings without underwear? I find the idea highly unappealing and actually quite disgusting. Does this make me not-so-womanly?

I am also not too keen on the idea of thong underwear. I don't really care if people see my pantylines (or my bra strap for that matter). I do care if I have an irritating piece of string up my tush. Furthermore, much to the Hoos' chagrin, it is very rare that I wear make-up and I blow-dry my hair about as often as I wear stockings.

As LP gets older, it will be my responsibility to teach her about these things. In general, I find the task to be quite daunting. Growing up,I was a bit of a tomboy. I played Little League all through elementary school and as much as I wanted ballet and gymnastics lessons to be like the other girls, I didn't last more than a semester in either. In fact, I am about as graceful as an elephant in high heels.

While I hope for her sake that LP is lighter on her feet than me, I also hope that she is a rough and tumble little girl. And not just because I am dreading her asking me questions about boys and the birds and the bees, but because dang it, I don't know if I am ready to learn how to properly utilize cosmetics.


Shari said...

Oh, soul sister. I DON'T wear panty hose... They stink! I hate tights too, but can stand them just a little more.

All the girls in my office wear cute skirts and things... In the winter it's pants or nothing... and I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes anymore either.

I kind of feel bad for a minute when they all look so cute, but then I remember that they get to sleep all night, so if their feet hurt big deal... If my feet hurt it's a huge deal.

Tiffany said...

Now that I live in the a small town in Colorado in the mountains where I am normally more dressed up than the attorneys I work with (unless they have a court hearing) I NEVER wear panty hose. The last time I bought a pair was for a wedding in New Jersey. I did not even wear panty hose to my own wedding. I do though always wear panties when I wear panty hose - except for when I was a dancer in highschool but we did not wear panties under the dancing hose because it would show under those short outfits.

Mikayla is dressed in cute clothes and she does where skirts and dresses in the summer but pants all winter long.

Wenderina said...

You looked so adorable in your skirt today. If you can remember the last time I wore a skirt to work I'll give you a dollar. Other than the little black dress I bought for our recent work's been pants and socks for a LONG time. I do like makeup though...and blowdrying my hair.

A's Mom said...

Another good reason why I enjoy having a boy. And to think I wanted a girl? Who needs all that extra drama when you're trying to refind your own perfect balance.