Friday, June 8, 2012

That's a Long Time!

Next week my parents will be married 40 years! Forty years is a long time.

Think of all you can accomplish:
  • Raise two relatively normal, financially independent children
  • Put two kids through college
  • Celebrate hundreds of bat mitzvahs, weddings, and birthday parties
  • Spoil four gorgeous granddaughters
  • Complete an undergraduate degree
  • Receive a master's degree
  • Have two long and highly successful (and positively influential) careers as teachers
  • Retire after more than two (and in one case three) decades in a classroom
  • Zipline through the jungles of Costa Rica
  • Relax on the beaches of Mexico
  • Ride camels in the desert of the Middle East
  • Sail the oceans (in style)
  • Remodel a kitchen (several times)
  • Eat a small aquarium worth of sushi (on second thought, maybe medium-sized aquarium worth)
  • Set a wonderful example (of a marriage, a life, a home, and so much more)
And this is just a small fraction of all of the great things my parents have done after more than four decades together. As the Hoos and I inch closer to our 10th wedding anniversary, I wonder what our future holds and hope that in thirty years LP or AK will share their positive reflections on my parents' 70th wedding anniversary (it is possible - my grandparents are celebrating 65 years of marriage later this year!) and OUR 40th.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Love you.

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