Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How I Met Your Mother

Lately, AK has been asking a lot of questions about how the Hoos and I became "mommy and daddy." Not in the biblical sense, but in the "fairytale romance" sense.

This morning she said, "I know how grandma and grandpa metted" Although, to both the Hoos and I it sounded like "mated"). And she went on to explain that grandpa was a teacher and grandma was in his class. As a student teacher. Although she left the part in bold and italics out.

Since she has a tendency to leave out important details - see above - I decided to document the whole "how we met" thing in case she shares any misinformation. This is long and tedious and likely not interesting for most of you - so feel free to skip to the bottom and watch a YouTube Video of LP instead.

The first time I remember seeing the Hoos was in Buck McMullen's English Lit class at GW my freshman year. He was the boy with the fish hook on his hat that sometimes got held up at the professor's desk after class. To him I was the girl with the blue hair who called out things like, "Buck, this book sucked!" Not surprisingly, we did not get together at that point.

At the beginning of sophomore year - maybe a day after we had all arrived back on campus - they showed a movie on the Quad (maybe The Hunt for Red October?) and a mutual friend came by with the Hoos to catch up.

It was at this point I started seeing a lot of the Hoos around campus. Turns out, we had the same major - environmental studies - and were in a bunch of the same classes. I lived in Crawford Hall (what a yucky dorm), which was next to J Street - the Student Union - and the Hoos passed by with some friends while I was sitting outside and asked if I wanted a Rainbow Chips Deluxe AND if I wanted to study for a statistics exam that was coming up in Professor Lilifors class.

We went on our first date shortly thereafter.

And almost 17 years later, our most recent date was to watch LP's class show off. 

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Wenderina said...

Sweet. And LP didn't even clock the kid hogging her stage space.