Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Miss My Babies!

Where has the time gone? It is May 2012. Later this month LP will be SIX! And the first of next month AK with be FOUR! Now is the time to ask - are you for serious?! Because, I agree, this is mind-boggling.

In the past month, the Hoos and I have watched as reading has totally clicked for LP. She went from slowly sounding out words to READING books. We take weekly trips to the library to restock on more easy reader books. The Pebble Dogs series is her current favorite. Easy to read, about a topic she loves, with the occasional "hard" word to keep her challenged.  Yesterday she read the fortune out of a fortune cookie! And asked, "Mom? Why don't some people like reading? I love reading!"

Oh, and she has a wiggly tooth. I remember when she didn't even HAVE teeth!

For her part, AK continues to think that she is also going on 6. Her day care teachers insist she is ready for the Olympics with her amazing swimming (it really is insane to see her swim without a bubble or any support, calm as anything, just gliding through the water). Her writing is also improving - I spell words for her and she creates stories. Sure the words are all jumbled, but she knows what every letter looks like and can recreate it.

We are busy planning a joint* birthday party. And our first at the house. I think we will end up with about 25 kids! Between family and friends and parents that stay to hang out, it is like we are having a bat mitzvah in terms of the number of people. Please start praying now for good weather. If we have to have everyone inside, I am thinking of renting a movie and squishing the kids in to watch when they aren't eating or doing crafts.

If it is outside we are hopefully going to have a bounce house, crafts and some outdoor games (hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, Twister, pin the tail on the donkey).

Please share any brilliant ideas you have to keep 25+ kids entertained for 2 hours! Indoor or out!

Also, any ideas on how to slow time would be appreciated.

*Okay, it is isn't exactly joint. We will mostly have LP's friends. There will be "joint" friends there (and bringing presents) for AK, but not her class. I plan on having an in-classroom party for her. I am feeling very guilty about this and hope she doesn't feel overlooked.

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