Monday, June 6, 2011

When I'm A Dolt

This morning I woke up LP by asking her if she knew what today was.

"Doctor's appointment day!!!" she responded gleefully.

I confirmed she was right and added, "And your cousin Emily's birthday! Maybe if you guys move quickly we can try to call her to wish her a happy birthday if she is home from school."

LP was pensive, "Does she sleep at her school?"

"No, but she lives in Hungary and that is a different time zone. So it is already after lunch for her."

"Mommy, when I'm a dolt, I want to live in Hungary."

"Well, when you are an adult you can visit Hungary. And lots of other places. Where else do you think you would want to visit?"

"Hungary, and California, and China, and Disneyland, and Oliverti."

"LP, what is Oliverti?"

"You know, mom, Oliverti."

I was still confused. "What do they have there?"

"You know! Oliverti!" and then she posed holding one arm over her head.

"Oh! you mean the Statue of Liberty!! That is in New York, LP. We can visit there while you are still a kid."

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Wenderina said...

LOL. That was great.