Friday, June 10, 2011

A Letter of Warning

Dear Preschool Assistant Teacher:

Just a reminder to never think that my child is not listening. Because not only is she always listening? She is actually recording everything you say.

For example, last night she told me to make sure to shake off before going into "Cottage on the Beach" or else you will get sand flea bites. She also told me that "our" beach is not a "real beach" because it does not have a Cottage. "By the way, Mommy, what is 'Cottage on the Beach'?"

Previously she has told me that "black is slimming" and "fashionable" and "it goes with everything."

My daughter is FIVE. She does not need to know about the intimate details of your personal life. She does not need your fashion advice. She does not need to know about colors that are slimming.

Thank you,

PS - It is bad enough that she knows all of the lyrics to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry songs (and is teaching her 3 year old sister the same)> Actually, I don't mind that so much. Today she asked me to download a new song, "Waka Waka". I just had to google to figure out she was talking about a Shakira song and not Fozzy Bear.

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