Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lack of Focus

We just had our house painted. It looks great and now it is time to unpack all of the decorative items we stowed away during the process. I was determined to get it done, and here is what really happened:

  1. Headed upstairs to get bins of breakable items from their storage space on the third floor.
  2. Atop on second floor and realize washer has stopped, so I should put stuff into dryer.
  3. Realize dryer is full.
  4. Realize laundry basket is overflowing with other clean, unfolded items.
  5. Start folding sheets in basket.
  6. Realize basket is too full for me to make immediate impact.
  7. Remove stuff from dryer and put it on our bed.
  8. Move wash to dryer.
  9. Continue folding sheets.
  10. Fold all 3 loads that fill basket and cover bed.
  11. Try to put sheets away.
  12. Realize linen closet is bursting.
  13. Empty linen closet.
  14. Refold and reorganize linen closet.
  15. Leave out sheets for the unmade trundle bed on third floor.
  16. Head up to third floor.
  17. Put sheets on bed.
  18. Realize blankets for trundle are in LP's closet.
  19. Go down to second floor to get blanket.
  20. Notice girls' folded clothes.
  21. Put away girls' laundry.
  22. Bring blankets to third floor.
  23. Put blankets on bed.
  24. Locate bin I originally came upstairs for...
No wonder I can't accomplish anything! 

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Anonymous said...

2504Story of every houekeeper's life!