Monday, August 22, 2011


Life continues at its hectic pace in my world.

This is the girls' last week at their current day care. For the first time in five years I HAVE NO DAY CARE PAYMENT. Of course this won't last, and it is only thanks to my long-ago made and forgotten about deposits but I will enjoy the extra cash for the moment.

Okay, moment over because, of course, we have a new home. That we need to be buy things for.

  • Our fabulous new sectional that arrived yesterday! Super, super excited. Our living room, which up until yesterday had a lone rug and no furniture, is now a usable space. With an uber-comfy new couch!
  • Curtains for the girls' rooms! It only took me 5 trips to JC Penney (seriously, the only place you ever need to go for window treatments) but between trip 1 and trip 5 I actually ended up saving $80, thanks to random sale pricing.
  • Wall decals! Because of the tight timeframe between closing on the new house and actually moving in, we did not have time to paint. At this point, we may never have time to paint, but I put wall decals up in both LP's and AK's rooms and they look fantastic. Between the curtains and the decorations? Their rooms look more "theirs" than they ever did in our old house. After 5 years.
  • A wall! Well, we didn't really need a wall. We did need to get rid of the random little "closet" in the middle of the wall in our family room. While storage is cool and all, having a solid wall is way cooler. And now we get to pick out paint and make the family room ours too! We never actually painted any rooms in our old house, so this is also pretty cool.
  • A new TV! We never realized how big and clunky our old tube TVs were until we put them into the new house (well, we put one into the new house, the other one didn't make it in because the movers destroyed it). The Hoos got a great deal at PC Richard and he has already decided that the old TV, which we moved to our bedroom, needs to be replaced ASAP.
  • Artwork! Now that we have covered one hole in the wall, we need to cover another wall hole. This one actually provides access to our electric panel. Of course, the sizing is odd and so we are struggling to find the right tapestry or piece of art, but while searching we found an artist that we both really dug, and so we bought a framed print for a place TBD.
Of course, we do not need to spend money to make our new house a home. This weekend the Hoos took the girls out into our backyard to do some fishing. According to their report, LP caught a "big fish" and AK caught "a little teeny baby fish." They also might say they caught a beluga, but the creek isn't that big - and it is fresh water - so they really mean "a blue gill."

So, to sum it up: Feeling good. Busy, crazy, but good.

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Wenderina said...

Hey - two posts since I last visited - picking up the pace and giving me a run for my money! Listen, if you are looking for artwork (no pressure, really) and like anything on Hubby's site, we'd love to give you one as a housewarming present.

Go take a look and let me know...if not, we'll get you a candy dish or something.;-)